COLOSTRUM CURE CREME – CALM – French Lavender (120ml)


Plump + Protect

The Colostrum Cure Creme (locally sourced, naturally derived from goats milk) saturates your skin with optimal nutrition and powerful occurring immune boosting compounds. Calming with hydrating humectants to plump and protect.

Colostrum Creme contains the perfect mix of natural growth hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Colostrum Creme contains naturally occurring EGF, also known as epidermal growth factors which aid in the repair of skin cells and promote healthy cell turnover. EGF also contains telomerase, an enzyme that slows down the aging process.

Colostrum Cure Creme supports increased production of healthy collagen and nightly increased cell regeneration. Wake up to your glow!

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Directions for use:

Apply Colostrum Cure Creme daily a.m./p.m to face and décolleté after application of Super Orange Serum.

All skin types
60ml $55 / 120ml $110



Goat milk colostrum, refined shea butter, soybean and palm oil, aloe leaf, manuka honey and capric glyceride

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